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How much are tickets? And where can we purchase them?
Tickets purchased at the event are - Adults $40, Children (10-18yrs) $18.
You can purchase tickets here.

Is there an early bird price?
Yes. When you purchase online from now until the day before the event, the early prices are – Adults $35 and Children (10-18 years) $12.

Where can we purchase the early bird tickets?
You can purchase them here.

How do I get my ticket?
Tickets are to be picked up at the Williamstown Town Hall from 12.30pm on the day of the event.


Is it a guided tour?
No, it’s not a guided tour, but please use the map located in your booklet for directions. There are volunteers at each property to assist you with any questions you may have.

How will I know where to go?
The map for Open Williamstown 2018 is in the booklet. The event is self guided and self-paced.

How long will it take?
Being self-paced this will depend largely on the individual. All properties are within reasonably close proximity to the Williamstown Town Hall.


Are we able to bring children along to the event?
Only children 10 years of age and over are permitted to attend Open Williamstown.


What should I wear? And what am I NOT allowed to wear?
Smart casual attire is appropriate with comfortable walking shoes.
Weather appropriate clothing is encouraged such as rain coats or sun hats as necessary. You may be asked to remove your shoes at the request of the homeowners. Please DO NOT wear high heels.

Please limit what you bring with you. We recommend a small bag with essentials for the day – you may be asked to leave large bags and umbrellas at the front door.


Are we allowed to bring pets along to the event?
Pets are not permitted in any of the properties but can be brought along for the walk and tied up outside. Please check our Terms and Conditions page for more info.


What do we do if it rains?
If it rains, you can drive the same route for walking. Please refer to the map located in your program for more info and directions. Alternatively, you can bring an umbrella, a waterproof jacket and shoes and still walk the route.

Do we get a refund if the weather is poor?
No refunds will be given due to poor weather on the day.


Where are the toilets located?
Toilets are located at the Williamstown Town Hall. Please refer to the map located in your program for directions.

Are the properties wheelchair accessible?
No, unfortunately.

Do any of the properties have stairs?
Yes. This year two of our properties have stairs to an upper level.

Can I drive to the properties?
Yes. This is recommended if the weather is inclement.

Do you provide a mini bus?
Yes. This year we have an 11-seater mini bus to transport those people who would find it difficult to walk the route.


Where can I go for Afternoon Tea?
This year we are serving light refreshments in the main room at the Town Hall.

When can I have Afternoon Tea?
Either before or after walking the route.


How can I become a sponsor for next year?
Please fill in the form here to become a sponsor for next years Open Williamstown.

How do I become involved for next year?
Please contact us via the form in the footer or email us at admin@openwilliamstown.org to become involved for next years Open Williamstown. We always need more people to help!


If you didn't find the answer to your question here, feel free to email us directly at admin@openwilliamstown.org


We hope you have a wonderful day.