We ask that you follow these terms and conditions to ensure that everyone enjoys the event.

1. All visitors must be 10 years of age or older.
2. Visitors enter properties at their own risk.
3. Photography, videos and sketching of any part of the properties are strictly prohibited.
4. No eating, drinking or smoking in the houses, buildings, gardens or buses.
5. Visitors must follow all instructions given by Open Williamstown volunteers and must observe all directions displayed on signage at the properties.
6. No touching or handling of anything within the properties.
7. If requested, visitors must remove their shoes before entering a property.
8. No large bags – please leave them with the house captains.
9. No pets.
10. At the property owners' discretion, visitors may be refused entry – representatives of Open Williamstown retain the right to refuse entry or cancel tickets at any time.
11. The Open Williamstown committee and each of the property owners are not responsible for any injury, damage or loss caused by you while you are on the properties.
12. Mobile phones must not be used while visiting properties. Visitors who need to take a phone call are requested to leave the properties while doing so.