Built in 1862, this lovely old ‘heritage listed’ home was originally a single level two room cottage serving as both a Carpenter’s shop and home.

In the mid 1880s  it was rented, then purchased by Captains James Deane – (founder of the Melbourne Steamship Company), who in 1889 doubled its depth and added a second storey – transforming it to an elegant 9 room family home.  

In the early 1900’s a later owner redoubled its footprint taking it to a 20 room building run as various abodes including a home, Boarding house, Honeymoon flats during the war, Brothel, Doctor’s Surgery and Nunnery. (3 local sisters remember 16 adults and 18 children living in the house and their 3 Uncles living in ‘lean-to’s in the back yard. They remember sponge baths after dinner and being allowed to feed pennies into the copper on Sundays for a real bath that was shared by all boarders). 

A famous boarder, Hal Porter wrote in ‘The Paper Chase’ that he left because he ‘couldn't bear to see the old lady ruined’ when new owners ripped off the cast iron balcony, port hole windows and marble fenders.

A later transformation divided the house into three, housing a Wine merchant, B&B home and flat.

And for the past 16 years, it has been gradually restored and run as a multi award winning Bed and Breakfast business.


The property has some unusual features including:

  • old Melbourne train roof inserted into the upstairs lounge.

  • house bends to contour laneway.

  • tranquil Balinese inspired garden & outdoor dining room.

  • staircase that divides into 2 whilst winding.

  • 8 bedrooms

  • 9 bathrooms

  • 2 kitchens

  • 2 lounge rooms

  • secret hideaway for the owner’s 2 cats.

  • arched leadlight windows.

  • shared garden with the stone cottage at # 4.

  • mural on the wall in the Captains Spa Suite

  • Worm farm.