A wonderfully preserved treasure

James Street is one of the earliest private residential subdivisions  in Williamstown. In a street where Victorian terraces abound, this house stands out as the only Californian bungalow.

It was built around 1930 by Charles Coe who owned a local timber yard. Charles chose only quality timber for the build and this is reflected in the house today.

This house is significant for its distinctive and consistent nineteenth century residential character. The original home contained two bedrooms. In the 1980s, a third bedroom was added at the back and the kitchen was modified.

Fortunately, all owners of this property have appreciated the architectural features within and many have been preserved.

Look for the original leadlight panels in the windows and doors, decorative fibrous plaster ceilings, stained timber paneling in the hallways and skirting boards. Also note the elaborate, oriental style architraves.