Tropical oasis in the centre of town

This house was designed by its current owners. Construction began in March 2014 and was completed on 24 December 2014.

The owners wanted a modern, contemporary home that was light and airy. They stipulated a flowing, open plan with a hotel/loft apartment feel that would appear larger than its actual size / Tardis like.

Their courtyards needed to have a tropical oasis feel - green, lush and inviting, and for this feeling of the outside to be brought inside. They insisted on water-wise planting.

There were a few problems to face in the process of this build. The long, narrow plot was quite a challenge and being on a heritage overlay area meant complying with VCAT regulations. 

As you will see, it has all been worthwhile. In its clever creation, this house is an oasis in the centre of Williamstown.

Notice the use of oversized windows and doors, minimal internal doors and walls and the reflecting mirrored wall. See how the inside and outside blend as one. Observe the private, designated areas within the open plan space and note the easy access at both ends of the plot.

Other significant features include underfloor heating, double glazed windows and doors, LED lighting, solar hot water and a sound insulation fence.