Heritage features and rooms with views

This house was constructed in 1862 and stands today as a mixture of old and new.

Situated in a highly sought after area of Williamstown and containing many of its original features including a bluestone wall and high ceilings, it’s no wonder the current owners felt this was their home from the moment they walked in the door.

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Historically, it is one of Williamstown’s oldest surviving waterfront houses and demonstrates the early development of this area, which was linked to the development of Williamstown as Melbourne's port from the middle to the late nineteenth century.

The house was closely associated with perhaps the longest serving 'pilot family' in Victoria and built for a distinguished pilot at a time who was associated with Williamstown's maritime dominance in Melbourne.

Aesthetically, the property appears to be in its original condition as apparent with the verandah reminiscent of  the fine detailing of the earlier Regency period.

Source – Victorian Heritage Society