Secret at the top of the stairs

Tucked away in a laneway off Ferguson Street and past the ‘Rose of Australia’ - one of Williamstown’s earliest surviving commercial buildings, you will find this delightful property.

Highly sought after for viewing by locals, see for yourself how this upstairs space has been transformed from a residence to a stylish commercial property.

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Historically, Ferguson Street was a mixture of houses interspersed with commercial buildings from the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century. Slowly it has made the transition from a residential area to the principal commercial centre of Williamstown.

Aesthetically, Ferguson Street contains many individually significant buildings as well as groups of buildings, which date from the key periods of development during the late nineteenth and early to mid-twentieth century. The Victorian, Edwardian and inter-war shops, which are related in terms of their siting, scale and form, provide a sense of cohesion and unity to the street. The two storey attached rows of shops and residences at Nos. 20-22, which include original shop fronts are considered significant interwar developments.

The street construction varies throughout. The eastern end of the street has central car parking interspersed with semi-mature eucalyptus trees, and was reconstructed in 2002 in asphalt with concrete gutters. The central section retains its interwar or post war concrete road and footpath while the western section was reconstructed in 2008 in asphalt with concrete gutters. Eucalypts line the central median; in the eastern end they are interspersed with parking. Paperbarks are in the nature strip to the west of the Town Hall.

Source – Victorian Heritage Database Report, Hobson Bay Heritage Study 2006