Exquisite restoration of an old favourite

Constructed in 1858, the former Napier Hotel was one of the earliest hotels in Williamstown. The hotels of early Williamstown were an important part of the community, housing, feeding and entertaining the locals as well as travellers and seafarers.

James Moxham, a Williamstown resident from 1848 was one of the early publicans of the Napier. He was a community activist and council representative in 1856 and served as mayor in 1862.

Over time, the Napier fell into disrepair, but not before serving as boarding house and finally an artists’ studio before the present owners bought it in 2005.

Like an entertaining episode of Grand Designs the year long extensive restoration project managed by the owners showed the Napier emerging from the shabby shell it had become into the beautiful colonial building that you see today.

Every effort was made to restore the building to its original state.

The team of multicultural builders, tradesmen and craftsmen virtually rebuilt it from the foundations up. No expense was spared in preserving history and bringing this important and historical building back to life to ensure its endurance as an important part of Williamstown's history.